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Kangaroo Population


Kangaroo Meat - Lighter on the Land?

In their article Eat locals: swapping sheep and cows for kangaroos and camels could help our environment Euan Ritchie, Senior Lecturer in Ecology, Centre for Integrative Ecology, School of Life & Environmental Sciences, Deakin University and Adam Munn,  Adjunct lecturer, UNSW Australia have discussed the idea that we may be what we eat, but our dietary choices also affect the health of the environment, and farmers’ back pockets.  They discuss the potential role of kangaroo meat in meeting some of these challenges. 

Sustainable Kangaroo Harvest

A number of experts have recently written about the sustainability of the kangaroo harvest including Christopher Johnson, Professor of Wildlife Conservation and ARC Australian Professorial Fellow, University of Tasmania; John Woinarski, Professor (conservation biology), Charles Darwin University; and Rosie Cooney Visiting Fellow, Institute of Environmental Studies, UNSW Australia

Bans on kangaroo products are a case of emotion trumping science is an article co-authored by these experts.

Overgrazing by Kangaroos

Over-grazing by herbivores can simplify the structure, composition and function of vegetation communities. European colonisation has created ideal conditions for the eastern grey kangaroo in south-eastern Australia consequently, in some areas, kangaroo population densities have risen to levels where impacts on other native species are occurring.  

Experts Brett W A Howland, Australian National University, Pr. Don A. Driscoll, Deakin University have addressed this issue in their article At high densities kangaroo grazing can reduce biodiversity: Over-abundant kangaroos reduce the diversity of native wildlife and are a danger to threatened species ”

Ethical Eating

In recent years kangaroo meat has made the leap from the pet food aisle into the fresh meat cabinet at the local supermarket and fine dining. Some consumers are still wary though. This article examines these concerns and assesses whether people are right to be wary of kangaroo meat? Or does it live up to the healthy and environmentally friendly image the industry portrays?

Roo on the menu Chris Doyle, Choice Magazine

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