Kangaroo Population

The kangaroo industry is widely regarded as an intelligent use of a sustainable resource and is supported by scientists, conservation groups and academics as being a benchmark for a natural resource use model. Through careful and thoughtful management the industry produces high quality meat and leather products for the global market by utilizing the super-abundant kangaroo population. The entire process is closely managed by the Australian Government and supported by conservation and environmental protection communities throughout Australia due to clear goals of sustainability and ecosystem preservation. The kangaroo industry is sustainable, humane and produces sensational products.

The last few years have witnessed the rise of kangaroo meat in haute cuisine, given the significant health and environmental benefits – not to mention the uniquely delicious taste – it’s no surprise.

Here are a few of our favourite ‘roo dishes.

Kangaroo osso buco
Kangaroo Dukkah encrusted fillet with caramelized onion & mushroom tart tatin, citrus & rocket salad and balsamic glaze (gf)
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